Security procedures – Covid 19 for Boat Tours


Boat trips, as an outdoor activity, have a low risk of contamination.

It has already been announced by the scientific community that the SARS-2 / COVID 19 virus has a very low risk of spreading due to the dilution effect in water, wind and also exposure to ultra-violet rays. Notwithstanding this, all activities will comply with the criteria stipulated in the DGS Guideline 01/2020 as well as the Turismo de Portugal guidelines within the scope of Clean & Safe certification.



Covid 19 Security procedures at Palmayachts


1. Boat Cleaning and disinfection for boat tours

  • Clean and disinfect the interior of the boat with special attention to the most used touched areas, such as door handles, cabinets and drawers, handrails, tables, benches, walls and floor in general;
  • Disinfect bathrooms with bleach solution or alcohol-based disinfectant
  • If the interior of the boat was not used by customers on the previous tour, the previous points may be reduced to the basics;
  • Wash and clean the boat’s exterior, with special attention to the areas of greatest contact;
  • These procedures must also be carried out between tours, especially the outside of the vessel where customers are located and in the bathrooms if used.
  • Ensure supply of disposable paper towels to dry hands;
  • At the end of the day After cleaning, put the ozone generator into operation for 30 minutes, closing all hatches and doors and ensuring that no one is inside the boat. After 30 minutes of operation, ventilate the boat and wait another 30 minutes before entering;
Ozone Generator for Covid 19 cleaning procedure

Ozone Generator for Covid 19 cleaning procedure



2. For the clients


  • There will be enough masks, taking into account the maximum capacity of the groups, which can be provided to customers if requested or when the safety distance cannot be met. The availability of masks has an added cost;
  • Palmayachts will provide our clients alcohol-based hand sanitizers, at the entrance of the boats and whenever justified.

2.2. Conduct

  • The tour is not authorized for people with Covid 19 disease;
  • Customers must wait at the Marina access gate for Palmayachts crew;
  • Clients must wear a mask and maintain a safe distance while waiting for the crew;
  • Before customers enter the vessel, fever must be measured with the non-contact thermometer. Customers with a temperature higher than normal are prevented from entering the boat;
  • Before customers enter the boat, they must disinfect their hands with alcohol-based solution;
  • Customers must be distributed by the boat maintaining the safety distance;
  • The use of a mask is mandatory whenever the safety distance between different groups is not verified;
  • The use of the interior space of the boat must be avoided;
  • No customer objects, bags, suitcases or likewise will be kept inside the boat;
  • The drinks provided to customers must be in disposable cups or cans;
  • At the end of the tour, the crew should collect the empty cups and cans with a garbage bag;
  • It is not advisable to use excessive personal ornaments (bracelets, threads, rings, etc.);
  • The use of textiles, blankets, and comfort equipment such as poufs and pillows will be limited due to the pandemic.

3. Palmayachts crew conduct

  • Daily self-monitoring to assess fever, cough or difficulty breathing;
  • Reception of customers at the marina, maintaining the safe distance and avoiding physical contact such as handshakes, kisses and others;
  • Use of the mask when receiving customers and whenever it is not possible to maintain the safety distance;
  • Assessment of customer temperature and potential indicator effects of Covid 19 disease;
  • All garbage produced during a tour should be placed immediately after its completion in the marina’s garbage container.



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