Celebrate Valentine’s Day!
Offer your valentine a voucher to enjoy later on.


Now it´s a Really Good Time to Get a Sailing Cruise Voucher for you and your valentine.

Buy Now Enjoy Later!

The Safest way to relax from the Pandemic reality in a private or group sailing cruise around Lisbon or Cascais. With fresh air, just you and whoever you choose, relaxing while cruising in new boats, with all safety recommendations from OMS guaranteed.

For sure you will have a great time!

Palmayachts exclusive Vouchers are now available to purchase securely online – no need for direct contact- all process is done online.

How to buy

  1. Choose the cruise you prefer;
  2. Personalize a gift voucher, add a message, preview and send it instantly by email;
  3. Pay securely online;
  4. Whenever you feel like it, just book the sailing cruise directly with us;
  5. You have a whole year to do the booking or just get in contact with us for other arrangements.


Valid for One Year        Safe        Private or in group



Voucher- Romantic Sailing Cruise

Voucher – Group Sunset Sailing Cruise in Lisbon

  Location: Lisbon
  Base: Belém Marina

  Min Pax: 1      Max Pax: 10
per pax: 39 €
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Voucher – Luxury Romantic Private Sailing Cruise in Cascais

  Location: Cascais
  Base: Cascais Marina

  Min Pax: 1      Max Pax: 2
starting at 290.00 €
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Voucher- Romantic Private Sailing Cruise in Lisbon

  Location: Lisbon
  Base: Belém

  Min Pax: 1      Max Pax: 2
190.00 €
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